About Me

Hello there, Mamoko here, thanks for stopping by my website.

I have been an online scam investigator and online product reviewer for the past 5 years helping people all over the world from all walks of life to have a clear mind on the products they think are skeptical about.

I’ve been blessed working with many experts in different industries and learning over the years the secrets to a successful investigation.

I have reviewed 40 or so online products in different niches; I have as well experienced online scams along with finding out that several products available online ‘don’t’ work.

As a result I pride myself in providing visitors and readers with totally faired and honest reviews on the products we purchase over the internet.  I also consider in adding value to all my reader’s lives.

Anyways, I started this blog to help others get clear minds on the products before they buy it online. I hope you enjoy the information and that it will help you in purchasing the item.